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The Best way to increase immunity — these four things are in your kitchen

Today, we’re going to inform you that 4 such things used every day to your kitchen could be substantially boosted through your immunity, and you’ll automatically be saved from many diseases. After understanding this stuff, you may once more realize that this stuff used in our kitchen are nothing less than a boon to increase our immunity. So let’s understand about those 4 things. 

Coriander — Keep consuming coriander in some forms, whether through including chutney, veggies in the vegetable, or after grinding whole coriander and chewing it a little, it does not have an effect on the body of diseases, it will increase your preventive power. 

Turmeric — Taking PC turmeric in any way every day protects against many minor diseases. 

Black Pepper — Black pepper has the capacity to break all sorts of microorganism and viruses, it maintains the air free from pain, digestion of food, it will increase immunity. 

Ginger or dry ginger — Consumption of ginger or ginger in any way will increase your immunity and prevents seasonal diseases. 

And in case you need to do all this together instead of doing it separately, then grind the code with the following technique, and keep it with you, and take a spoon every day. And in case you need to make it extra delicious, you then definitely blend sugar sweet in it. 

Coriander — 100 grams, 

Turmeric — 50 grams. 

Black pepper — 10 grams. 

Dry ginger — 50 grams. 

Sugar — 200 grams (as desired) 

If there’s a complaint of diabetes. You must ask your physician earlier than including sweet. Hope you like this post, do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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